• Sample Itineraries For Birding Tour In Ethiopia

    Birding In Ethiopia

    Ethiopia has a total of more than 850 bird species no less than 30 endemics of which 20 are fairly easy to see and a few more near endemics.

    Ethiopia is an ideal destination either for a short-range or long-range birding trip. With some 30 endemics, some of African species difficult to see elsewhere, and many birds quite approachable, and the almost complete absence of dangerous animals make it possible to bird on foot in most places.

    This ancient country perched on the Horn of Africa, cut by the Great Rift Valley, and with extensive highland areas is a superb birding locale. The highland plateaus on either side of the Rift represent the continent's largest area of Afro-alpine habitat and also contain some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa. This makes Ethiopia birds’ paradise unmatched by any country in the continent.

    Bellow is sample itineraries for birding tour in Ethiopia. Most rewardingly a birding tour in Ethiopia can perfectly be combined with cultural and historical tours.

    Birds to be seen are not mentioned in the sample itineraries for privacy purpose but you can obtain the check lists for the itineraries bellow by sending your request here

    AET 030: Ethiopia Birding Tour

    Transportation: On surface by 4x4.    Duration: 11 days

    You may count more than 400 birds


    AET 031: Ethiopia Birding Tour

    Transportation: On surface by 4x4.    Duration: 15 days

    You may count more than 500 birds


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