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  • Aberus Ethiopia Tours - Testimonies

    The professionalism and competence among the management and staff of Aberus Ethiopia Tours have been witnessed by many of our customers for many years now. The following list of reviews attests the outstanding quality and delivery of our services:


    Dear Mohammed,

    Yesterday we met our friends Helga and Rainhard. We spoke about this good itinerary, that we have seen all the interesting things like the festival in Lalibela and Axum the markets in Bati and Lalibela, the good accommodations also Harar and the beautiful landscape. The good and safety driver, your good management and that you know all about the churches and other things.

    Best regards from

    Franz and Ingrid , Helga and Rainhard

    Ingrid Peters, Email: engelpeters@hotmail.com , Austria

    Dear Yosef,

    Our visit to Ethiopia was a very pleasurable and informative one – due mainly to your knowledge, expertise and pleasant personality. You were very patient and attentive to our well-being. Your command of English was superior as was your command of facts. Thank you. Thank you!

    With great appreciation,

    Glen and Laurie Shipley, Shipley500@yahoo.com, America

    Dear Mohammed,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful country with us. If there is any such thing as a perfect tour director- we cannot imagine any one closer to that than what we have seen in you. Your knowledge and understanding of religion, history and how to communicate it- is very impressive. We could sit for hours and ask you more and more, but our time is short. You have enormous talent and the willingness to work ambitiously- The perfect combination!

    Thank you in particular, for helping me with my special dietary needs.

    Bill joins me in expressing our gratitude to you.

    Bill and Janice Sivick, sivick@earthlink.net, America

    Dear Yosef,

    I would just like to thank you very much for your excellent work in connection with our trip to Ethiopia. You conducted us so well and saw to it that everything ran so smoothly. We noticed no problems whatsoever and did not have to bother about anything. Perfect! We also enjoyed your deep knowledge about Ethiopian culture. You really were an excellent guide. Thank you for making my first trip to Ethiopia so memorable. It will take some time before I can digest everything that we saw and heard. It is a country so different from mine. (Obviously it will take some time too, before my stomach has digested everything and come back to normal).

    Once again many thanks

    Lil Danielsson, Sweden

    Dear Mohammed,

    We just wish to thank you for the excellent service you provided, in terms of both comprehensive information and all practical arrangements throughout our stay in Ethiopia. Your constant efforts to help us and guide us in the history and customs of Ethiopia, past and present, was most appreciated and contributed greatly to make our stay in Ethiopia pleasant and memorable.

    Best regards

    Lars and Kerstin, Denmark

    Hallo Mohammed,

    We just want to say thank you for the excellent job you did for our group from Sweden. You have got a lot of knowledge about all aspects of Ethiopia. You certainly did everything you could to make everything run smoothly for us. We appreciated that very much.

    Best regards

    Bengt and Lilian Bystrom, Sweden

    Dear Mohammed ,

    Just once more to thank you for a fantastic tour.

    Now back home and having digested all the impressions, the more fantastic the tour has been. The kind and smiling people, the mysterious culture, and the impressive nature - everything will give us memories for life.

    All that to a large extent due to informative and professional guidance from you.

    Once more thank you

    José and Hans Peter , hp.hansen@webspeed.dk, Denmark